Owner of The Sword and Rose Metaphysical Shop Passes After Christmas Day Fire

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On Christmas night just before 9pm, a fire engulfed a four-story Victorian home on Baker Street in San Francisco. The house was owned by partners of 29 years, Patrick Ferry and Randy David Jeffers (né, Sapp), who had been working on a total restoration of the property. But the fire destroyed more than just a beautiful example of San Francisco architecture – the fire stole from us a cornerstone of the Bay Area Pagan community. Just before midnight on December 26th, Randy David Jeffers passed over.

SF Fire 1SF Fire 2Twenty-eight years ago, Randy and Patrick opened up the Sword and the Rose in San Francisco’s Cole Valley neighborhood. Specializing in incense and oils, the shop soon became known as a metaphysical gem in the city. Many visiting Pagans would make a pilgrimage to the shop over the years, hearing of it through word-of-mouth and recommendations from friends. Even today, the store receives visitors from all over the world – a huge feat considering the store does not maintain an online presence. But Randy and Patrick’s reputation for kindness and true inner magick brought people to the small, hidden shop, leaving a big impression on all who ventured in.

“I remember my first time discovering the store, I felt like I was in an enchanted place far away from the City. I remember all the times I was in deep emotional pain & lost and somehow found my way to the store where Randy helped me make sense of things, taught me things, and helped me grow. I even brought my mom there to meet him. I always, always remember the conversation about Sobek & butterflies. What is remembered, lives.”   – Bella Crow, Writer

“Randy Jeffers was as kind to me the day I showed up at the Sword and the Rose – age 18, fresh to San Francisco – as he was twenty years later, when my first book came out, and as he was years after that, whenever I stopped by.

I didn’t see him as often in the later years as those early ones, but when I did, there was always something of interest to talk about as he carefully packaged blessed oils and fragrant incense. This one to the Faerie Queen. That one to Ganesh. This one to the Djuat. That, to Tetragrammaton.” – T. Thorn Coyle, Priestess, Author, and Activist

“Randy was an embodiment of a very special power. He truly walked between the worlds. In an era where magick is rationalized and explained away by psychology, Randy was unabashedly the real deal. I welcome him any time to the banquet of my Ancestors, and honor the many hours of counsel he gave me over the years.”   – Yeshe Rabbit Matthews, CAYA Coven High Priestess

The Sword and RoseAt this time the shop is closed, with a note on the door thanking the 115 firefighters who fought to contain the fire Christmas night. It is believed that a faulty extension cord is to blame, but the SFFD continues to investigate the matter. In a phone interview conducted from his hospital bed with NBC Bay Area on January 1, Patrick relayed that after hearing a disturbance and a crash, “I raced upstairs, and flames were coming out of the room. I tried to go in but it was way too hot. And then he lurched out and I was able to take him down the stairs.” Patrick suffered severe burns to his hands and his injuries will take some time to heal. But he won’t let his sorrow for the loss of Randy impede his recovery, “The last thing he would want for me is to be curled up in a ball refusing to go on because of my grief.”

Randy David Jeffers was 59-years old and leaves behind his partner of 29 years, Patrick Ferry. A ceremony for Randy is expected in the near future and the Sword and the Rose is likely to remain closed for about a month.

A PayPal account is set up for donations to help Patrick pay for rent, etc. while the store is closed and he recovers. Please send donations via PayPal to theswordandrosealways (at) gmail.com.

We at PNC Bay Area send our love and healing energy to Patrick, and to the entire Sword and the Rose family. We would also like to extend our gratitude to the firefighters and hospital staff at St. Francis Memorial Hospital.


Jelen VanderYacht reporting, Pagan Newswire Collective Bay Area

Christopher Penczak at Pantheacon 2013

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Beloved author and teacher Christopher Penczak will be at Pantheacon this year and will be presenting a myriad of classes to attendees. Fresh from his Pagan Dream Cruise Christopher took a few moments to answer some questions for PNC.

What will you be presenting this year at Pantheacon?

The Mighty Dead – Saturday, 11 AM Pine

Traditions across the world honor the sanctified dead-not just the ancestors of flesh and blood  - but the ancestors of our spiritual traditions, who died in a state of alignment and union with the divine. Known as the Boddisattvas, Saints, Secret Chiefs, Ascended Masters and Inner Plane Adepts in other traditions, Witches know our ancestors as the Hidden Company, the Mighty Dead. In truth, they are the guiding principles of our  tradition, as inner world allies. Understand the nature of the Mighty Dead and how to work directly with them for your own healing and evolution.

Avalon: The isle of Nine Morgans Sunday 1:30 PM Cedar/Pine

Avalon is the mystic retreat of Arthurian myth, the Isle of Apples found upon the glass waters and mists of enchantment. Upon the Isle is said to live nine sisters, priestesses, healers and faery women. The nine sisters are teachers and tutors, healers and guides. Come and experience the nine faery sisters of the Isle of Apples. Work with the images of Glastonbury, including the Garden Well, Grail, Tor and Tower.  Learn about the nine faces of the Morgan, and experience them directly through guided vision.  Seek them for healing, wisdom, knowledge and power.

What inspired you to present these topics?

They are two topics I’ve been working with pretty extensively in the last few years. The Mighty Dead is based on my newest book, out for the Pantheacon event, called The Mighty Dead. I’ve had some spontaneous experiences with these spirits that helped bridge the gap between my Theosophical studies and my Craft, and wanted to share my experiences both in the book and through the workshop.

The Avalon connection goes back to my original training with Laurie Cabot, who saw her Cabot Tradition of Witchcraft as a Celtic tradition entwined with both Avalon and Tara. I got to spend some time in a retreat two years ago in Glastonbury, possibly the physical space associated with Avalon if you believe the myths, and I do. It was an amazing experience, life changing in many ways, and my work has included more of the spirits from the Avalonian traditions lately.

What do you feel Pantheacon brings/gives to the community?

It is by far the best event for education – from any range of topics and level of experience, from how to to academic. I always learn something.

What are you are looking forward to attending/participating in this year outside of your own event?

I’m hoping to catch Sam Webster. I have a man crush on Sam Webster since reading Tantric Thelema and we got to spend some time at Between the Worlds in Delaware. Don’t tell him I said that…lol.  I always try to catch something with T. Thorn Coyle and Lon Milo DuQuette whenever possible. And Orion…. when I’m often at other festivals, there is not time to see other people. I love the diversity of Pcon as there is always something going on to see. I usually let it flow when I’m there and find myself at the right place at the right time.

What else do you have in-store for 2013?

Busy, busy busy year…. the Temple of Witchcraft is building a parking lot after obtaining our building, so that has been my world. I also have a new line of Temple of Witchcraft jewelry coming out through Deva Designs as a fundraiser, along with a few anthologies that are also fundraisers. One is on ancestors of the witch, with each entry as a short biography. I’m all about the fundraising.  I’m got a collaborative project with Laurie Cabot that I hope will be out by the end of 2013. Traveling a bit in the spring and summer ,but trying to stay a little more low key and local in the fall and winter.

If people want to find out more about you and your work where can they find information?

My website are www.templeofwitchcraft.org, www.christopherpenczak.com and http://www.indiegogo.com/TOWparking

Devin Hunter- Reporting for PNC Bay Area

Wendy Rule at Pantheacon 2013

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Wendy Rule found time in her busy schedule  to share a little about what she will be bringing to Pantheacon this year. For those of you who are unfamiliar with her body of work see here.

My husband Timothy and I will be presenting our acclaimed workshop called “Musical Meditations: A Ritual Journey through the Elements”  on Friday at 1:30 in the Cedar room. Together with the participants we create sacred space, then Tim and I create live musical trance soundscapes and guided meditations to deepen relationship with the 4 Elements and Spirit. 
It’s lots of fun, very healing, and deeply transformative.

I’m also performing a concert of my music at 9:00pm on Friday in Carmel/Monterey. As well as performing songs from my many albums, the concert also includes elements of ritual and mythology. Timothy will be joining me on Native American Flute and guitar.

I’m so excited to be presenting at Pantheacon again. I was at the 2011 event, and found it deeply inspiring. I feel that Pantheacon provides an opportunity for us to deepen our understanding and knowledge of many different Pagan paths, and strengthen our Pagan community. It’s an absolutely amazing and inspiring weekend of learning, sharing, and partying!

Wendy Rule is also off to a great start for 2013 and will once again be bringing world-class magick and music to her fans.

On March 1st Timothy and I begin teaching our 13 month online course, Living a Life of Magic. We have lots of touring in store, with an East Coast USA tour in April. I then come back to Australia for a few months to record my next major album, as well as an additional collaboration album about the descent of Persephone. Then it’s back and forth between the States and Australia for various festivals and concert commitments. I’m excited to be coordinating an Australian tour with my friend, the wonderful songstress Kellianna in October.

If you’d like to find out more about my music and personal story, head to www.wendyrule.com . And if you’d like to find out about our online course (we still have a few places available) then head to www.livingalifeofmagic.com

Devin Hunter- Reporting for PNC Bay Area

by jelen

CAYA: New Year, New Location

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Exciting news for one Bay Area Pagan Group: CAYA is moving from BFUU in Berkeley to the Home of Truth Spiritual Center in Alameda. While the sanctuary at BFUU was welcoming and open, anyone who has attended CAYA rituals in the past can attest to the less-than-optimum parking situation there. According to YesheRabbit, the new-to-CAYA space in Alameda has “a good amount of street parking along Grand and Alameda streets, the intersection where the Home of Truth lives.” And parking is free! (Please note that all of CAYA’s Bloodroot Honey Goddess Sabbats, Grove of Artemis Full Moon Circles, and Brotherhood of the Moon circles will continue to meet in their regular location at the Berkeley Yoga Center, 2112 Bonar St. at Addison in Berkeley.)

The first CAYA sabbat in their new home will be the Festival of Prophecy and Initiation this Saturday, February 2nd, at 7:30pm. CAYA will honor the Goddess Brighde and will feature the formal dedication of CAYA’s latest Aspirants. As always, drums, rattles and shakers are welcome, and you may bring anything you would like to charge on the altar. Contributions to cakes and ale are also welcome, but please clearly label them for those with allergies and sensitivities.

For more information on CAYA’s open sabbats, you can check out CAYA’s website at http://www.cayacoven.com/. For more information on The Home of Truth Spiritual Center, their website is http://thehomeoftruth.org/.

Festival of Prophecy and Initiation (Imbolc)
Saturday, February 2nd, 2013

The Home of Truth Spiritual Center – Sanctuary
1300 Grand St.
Alameda, CA 94501
7:30pm (doors are locked once the circle is cast at 7:45pm)
$10 donation requested

For public transportation users, the 51A bus drops you off at the corner of
Santa Clara and Grand for a very, very quick walk to the Sanctuary. BART to
Fruitvale and a bike make a great combination. Folks are also welcome to
post and coordinate ride shares via the CAYA Coven Chat group, which can be
joined here:


Jelen VanderYacht reporting, Pagan Newswire Collective Bay Area.

Pre-con Interview Series: Ivo Dominguez Jr.

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Author Ivo Dominguez Jr. ( Spirit Speak, Beneath The Skins, Castings: The Creation of Sacred Space) took a few moments out of his busy pre-pantheacon schedule to answer a few questions for PNC Bay Area about his upcoming trip and workshops.

1)What will you be presenting this year at Pantheacon?

 Creating And Using Pathworkings And Visualizations 
Friday 7:00 pm in San Juan/ San Carlos

Re-Visioning Polarity
Saturday 11:00 am Fir
I am also a part of events for the New Alexandrian Library project that will be hosted from room 967.

2) What inspired you to present these topics a this year’s Patheacon?

 Actually there is a theme that connects both topics and that is a renewal of the known. Many of the attendees of Pantheacon have worked with or been exposed to the uses of pathworkings and polarity in their practice. What I hope to do in both classes is to refresh a sense of what is possible and to encourage a deeper understanding of some of the keystones of magick. I also think some allegorical babies need to be rescued from being thrown out with the bath water in the matter of both pathworkings and polarity. This is particularly true when it comes to the blurring of the lines between ideology and metaphysics in the use of polarity.

3) As someone who is no newcomer to Pantheacon, what do you feel an event like Pantheacon offers the community?

 Pantheacon is our Crossroads, Agora, United Nations, Brigadoon, Block Party, and more. Hotel based magickal gatherings are different from the camping events and are an essential part of growing and developing our communities and the relationships between them. I wish there were more events like it throughout our nation.

4) What are you are looking forward to attending/participating in this year outside of your own event?

 I will be attending many classes and rituals but I am particularly interested in “The Heart is Our Nation: A Morrigan Devotional” and “To Thoth Hermes Mercury”. I also love the events that are hosted in the various suites.

5) What else do you have in-store for 2013?

I will be teaching at

Sacred Space Conference 2013
Mar 7-10, 2013 • Laurel, MD

Spring Magick in PA & NJ
March 30, 2013 & April 13, 2013

Sirius Rising 2013
July 15 – 21, 2013 • Sherman, NY

And other events that are listed at my website. I have two more books in the works that I hope to finish this year.

6) If people want to find out more about you and your work where can they find information?

Visit me at the following links: 
www.ivodominguezjr.com – my website
http://witchesandpagans.com/Skryclad/Blogger/Listings/ivo-dominguez.html – my blog

Ivo is a long time supporter and presenter at Patheacon and has become a favorite personality among con-goers. In addition to his work as an author and teacher Ivo also owns Bell, Book, and Candle a metaphysical shop in Deleware with partner James C. Welch.

Devin Hunter reporting for PNC Bay Area

Bay Roll: Updates from Pagans in the Bay 1/16/13

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bay bridgeBay Roll is a column here on Pagan Newswire Collective Bay Area that includes information, blog or website updates, book releases or general updates from Pagan authors, presenters, artists or performers here in the Bay Area. If there are announcements or information that you would like posted in the Bay Roll, please email them to Crystal@CrystalBlanton.com to be included.

For the week of January 16, 2013, there are many updates and information floating on the web from local Pagans. Social media has continued to bring much discussion this week and local Pagans are interacting.   Here are some of the new ones for this week.

  • Patrick McCollum has been blogging from his current trip to the Kumbh Mela in India.  As he is blogging on his daily experiences, the reader gets an insightful glance into the work of an interfaith representative traveling to do work in another country.  His blog is currently posted on the Covenant of the Goddess Interfaith blog and can be found at this link. http://covenantinterfaith.blogspot.com/2013/01/patrick-mccollums-journey-to-india.html  In this article, Jason Pitzl-Waters states, “January 14th in India marked the beginning of the Kumbh Mela, the largest religious gathering in the world. Held in full every 12 years, it is an integral festival within Hinduism, one focused on prayer, purification, and spiritual awakening.”  This article can be found at http://wildhunt.org/2013/01/a-pagan-at-indias-kumbh-mela.html
  • Bay Area local Rachael Watcher posted a report on the Covenant of the Goddess Interfaith blog about her recent interfaith trip to Guatemala.  She posted part one of two on her trip, stating “I left San Francisco early in the morning to participate in a gathering of indigenous people from Canada to Chile and Argentina called “The People of the Eagle the Condor and the Quetzal”.  An interesting read about her interfaith work for the Covenant of the Goddess and the Pagan community.  http://covenantinterfaith.blogspot.com/2013/01/part-one-day-to-day-discription-of-my.html.  The Wild Hunt also featured an article about Patrick’s trip to India and shows video of the festivities
  • Pantheacon tickets increased from 65.00 to 75.00 after the 15th but it is still not too late to register and have your badge waiting for you at the check in desk. According to the website, it appears that pre-registration goes until February 1st, and after that date you have to wait and register on-site.  Go to www.pantheacon.com and click on registration for instructions.
  • The Wild Hunt reporter Heather Greene has done two recent articles on the concepts of Pagan solidarity.  The most recent came out this week and featured quotes from several Bay Area Pagans.  M. Macha Nightmare, Rachael Watcher and myself (Crystal Blanton) are quoted in this incredible piece. http://wildhunt.org/2013/01/a-question-of-pagan-solidarity-part-two.html
  • Yeshe Rabbit, Bay Area High Priestess and co-owner of the Sacred Well in Oakland, posted an updated call to the men of our community to support the stop of rape culture.  In her piece Stopping Rape & Rape Culture: Men, we still need your help, she addresses several questions, outlines her mission and asks for the attention of fellow men to join in the continued fight.  A passionate and moving plea to take a stand against this culture that has been so damaging in society.  You can read this post at the following link and get involved in the fight. http://way-of-the-rabbit.blogspot.com/2013/01/stopping-rape-rape-culture-men-we-still.html
  • Moonwater Silverclaw is a local High Priestess that has started a new blog, addressing many of the beginner elements of the Craft.  She has been focusing on posts around the directions the past few weeks and has a series of posts about ritual tools.  You can find her blog at http://thehiddenchildrenofthegoddess.com/
  • Jason Mankey, author of the Patheos blog Raise the Horns, posts an article this week titled Big Tent Syndrome or Running to the Word Pagan.  He explores more if his feelings around the use of the word Pagan and his surprise at the offense many people took to his previous use of the word Pagan when talking about other.  http://www.patheos.com/blogs/panmankey/2013/01/big-tent-syndrome-or-running-to-the-word-pagan/


The Bay Roll is meant to continue bridging links and information from the Bay Area to the Bay Area readers. Please support this column by providing your information for inclusion in these weekly logs of the incredible work within this community. Without information, it will not be included on this list and we really want to highlight your work. Crystal@crystalblanton.com.  We want to know what YOU are doing!


Pagan Newswire Collective Bay Area announces Pre and Post Pantheacon Coverage

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pantheacon logo

Pantheacon, the Bay Area’s premiere Pagan centered event, is right around the corner.  From February 15th through the 18th, Pagans from all over will gather in San Jose, California to enjoy this large, convention style, annual festival.

This will be the third Pantheacon that the Bay Area branch of Pagan Newswire Collective has been present for and we have some plans ahead.  In our efforts to highlight the talent and work of the Bay Area, PNCBay will be doing pre and post Pantheacon coverage.  This will include interviews with presenters, local book release information, workshop coverage, schedules of activities within the hospitality suites, food ideas and options and pictures of the event.PNCBA logo

Prior to the event there will be several pieces a week, counting down to the President’s day weekend activities.  Planned interviews include authors and presenters such as David Salsbury, Teo Bishop, Lisa Spiral, River Higginbotham and more. There will also be Pantheacon culture pieces like dining options within and around the Double Tree hotel.

Stay tuned for more information, ideas, interviews and excitement around this year’s annual Pantheacon event.

May you be blessed!

Crystal Blanton reporting, Pagan Newswire Collective Bay Area

Molly Blue Dawn’s Weekly Event Listing for the Week of December 5, 2012

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Molly Blue Dawn’s full listing with details for all of the following events can be found at  http://mollybluedawn.blogspot.com/2012/12/molly-blue-dawns-list-of-events-for.html

Due to the details in these incredible listings, PNC Bay will start listing just the events that are highlighted and the link to Molly’s blog for more detailed information.

This weeks listing includes the following Bay Area events:

The Snow Queen: A Fairy Tale Class, Not A Christmas Carol, Frank Bette Center for the Arts Holiday Boutique, Belrose Holiday Tea Party, The Spirit of Christmas at Winchester Mystery House, ’Tis the Season for Science, Beaded Jewelry Making Class, Holiday Open House at Rengstorff House, History: the Musical, It’s a Wonderful Life, Dracula, Center REP’s A Christmas Carol, La Cocina Gift Fair, A Christmas Evening At The Patterson House, Dickens Family Victorian Holiday Party, Stirring the Cauldron, Astrology in Magic, Benefit Concert for Garden Gate, A Little House Christmas, Everything Old Is New Again, Wintersongs, FIERCE PLAY, Christmas Revels, San Francisco Ballet’s Nutcracker, Great Peninsula Youth Theatre Rummage Sale, Alameda Holiday Home Tour, Santa Claus is Coming!, Gamble Mansion Holiday Puppet Shows, Santastic!, Modern Day Morrigu, Sacred Well Holiday Artisans Faire, Christmas at Sea, A Christmas Carol at McConaghy House, Reviving Spirits: The Dawn, Kehilla Chanukah Celebration, Community Seed Yule Ball, Old Time Maritime Christmas, Lighted Boat Parade, Creepshow Christmas, KPFA Crafts Fair, The Great Dickens Christmas Fair!, Holidays at Dunsmuir, Berkeley Artisans Holiday Open Studios, Crucible Gifty Holiday Sale, Vagabond Indie Craft Fair, Holiday Sale and Ornament Extravaganza, The Festival of Lights, Christmas Stop-Motion Animation Festival, Holiday Lego Show, Temple of Aphrodite, Adocentyn Library Cataloguing Day, Garden Gate Holiday Gift Trunk Show, The Witch’s Garden, Shamanic Healing Clinic, Kitka’s 2nd Annual Wintersongs Community Sing, Winter Solstice Drum Circle, The Power of Self-Healing, Winter Open House at the Institute for Urban Homesteading, Celebrate Anahita Persian Goddess of Water, Tarot Salon, Marla Fibish and Bruce Victor in Concert, Tree Trimming Party, 12.12.12, Sprouts Yule Ritual And Potluck


Mark your calendars and go to the link for specific information on these events.  Thank you to Molly Blue Dawn for sharing this with PNC every week.

Upcoming Pantheacon Dates and Deadlines

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Pantheacon, the Bay Area’s annual Pagan conference, will be this coming February 15th – 18th, 2013.  This coming year’s event has seen several policy and procedure changes that have evoked a range of opinions and positions from those who are Pantheacon supporters.  While some are happy about the changes and others are upset, the shifts in process have brought about many questions from those planning to attend.

Some of Pantheacon’s procedure changes have included the booking of hotel rooms, now run by the Pantheacon staff instead of the hotel, and two different deadline dates for those who are submitting proposals to present workshops and rituals.

Since the Bay Area holds this large convention, one of the largest Pagan festivals or conventions in the United States, Pagan Newswire Collective Bay Area will work to keep readers apprised of upcoming deadlines and dates for Pantheacon.

There are three deadlines approaching fast for the month of October.  According to the newest email from Glenn Turner, Pantheacon’s organizer and the owner of Ancient Ways, these are the three upcoming dates she listed in the newsletter.

Oct. 15 – Programming application – Second round and Final deadline
Oct. 19 to 25 - Lottery sign up for Double Tree hotel rooms will be open from October 19 to 25. The Double Tree Room Lottery allocation system allows more fair access to rooms at PantheaCon 2013.
Oct. 15 – Deadline for Vending which has a downloadable mail-in application form.

For more information regarding the upcoming deadlines, specific information, forms or contact information, please visit the link to the latest newsletter or the Pantheacon website.

Important upcoming local environmental events

August 28, 2012 in Announcements, Environmental issues, Events by gregharder

The Women’s Earth Alliance is holding the Seeds of Resilience event on September 12th at 6:30 p.m. at the The David Brower Center • 2150 Allston Way, Suite 460 Berkeley, CA 94704  • 510.859.9106

“Women’s Earth Alliance (WEA) emerged from a meeting in Mexico City where 30 women leaders from 26 countries gathered to create solutions to a common concern: the lack of support available to women working on the front lines of social and environmental challenges. Today, WEA partners with community-based organizations globally to uplift local solutions to issues of water, food, land, and climate change by providing women with trainings, resources, and advocacy support. WEA’s programs are based on the belief that when women thrive, communities, the environment, and future generations thrive.”      YouTube Preview Image

This important women’s global environmental organization is based here in Berkeley at the David Brower Center. Come out to this event or stop by their website or office and see what they are up to. YouTube Preview Image

 The 23rd. annual Bioneers Conference  on October 19-21, 2012 at the Marin Center – 10 Avenue of the Flags,  San Rafael,  CA  94903.  Here is an example of the kind of presentation that one could find at this major US environmental conference:YouTube Preview Image

For Bay Area Pagans a frequent guest and presenter is Starhawk.  She usually runs a booth for her Earth Activist Training program.

 Here is a list of many of the key Presenters at the conference.

Before and after the main conference people can also register for Workshop Intensives on October 18th & 21st, 2012. They will include:

“* Catalyzing a Resilient Communities Network: A Call to Action and Collaboratory

* Traditional Ecological Knowledge Intensive: The Story of Salmon and a Native Salmon Roast

* Feminomics: How Women’s Leadership, A Gender Lens and Whole-Systems Approaches Are Re-Inventing Economics That Work for All

* Permaculture, Poetry and Pizza: Self-Sufficiency and Celebration”

 The Green Festival returns to San Francisco November 10-11, 2012 at the SF Concourse Exhibition Center – 635 8th Street  (at Brannan) San Francisco, CA 94103.

Green Festival, the nation’s largest and most diverse sustainability event returns in its 11th year to the SF Concourse Exhibition Center, located at 638 8th St. (at Brannan). San Francisco Green Festival will offer not only an incredible sense of community but also the largest, most diverse and most trusted place for learning, shopping and having fun! Featuring an organic food court; an environmental film installation presented by the Sierra Club; hands-on DIY workshops; organic vegan and vegetarian cooking demonstrations; an organic beer and wine garden; live music; green building demonstrations; a green careers resource center; and, an incredible Green Marketplace…”  YouTube Preview Image

Below is one of many presenters you will see at the SF Green Festival – YouTube Preview Image 

For upcoming anouncements on participating organizations and keynote speakers check out Green Festival’s (Facebook page

 Bay Area Pagans should be interested in finding out about or attending some if not all of these world class environmental events.

Greg Harder for PNC Bay Area