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Crystal Blanton is a Wiccan High Priestess, living in the San Francisco bay area.  Ms. Blanton is a California Native living in the heart of many of the Neo-Pagan movements. Blanton has two books published with Megalithic/Immanion Press; Bridging the Gap; Working Within the Dynamics of pagan Groups and Society (2010) and Shades of Faith; Minority Voices in Paganism (2011).

Devin Hunter is an international spiritual teacher, host of the Modern Witch, and the founder of The Living Temple of Diana a non-gender centric branch of the Dianic Tradition. Devin holds titles in bothy the Northern Star line of BT Wicca, and within the Cult of Diana.  Devin has served in several long running organizations such as the PCCO, The Order of the Sacred Wheel, The Covenant of Columbia, and is a student within the Feri tradition of witchcraft. Currently Devin is the Manager and House Medium at The Mystic Dream.

Jelen VanderYacht is an eclectic pagan with roots in hearth and home witchery. Raised by her Czech/Bohemian grandparents with gypsy roots, Jelen began practicing “old country” magic as a child, and has always been a sensitive with the ability to see, hear and smell things that others cannot, and has a deep connection with nature. A professional journalist with over 20 years of experience — working in major print, radio, TV and internet outlets in Southern and Northern California.   Jelen left the field for a stable day job and now moonlights as a contributor on many Bay Area websites.

Del is a more recent transplant to the S.F. Bay Area, skilled in the kitchen and a practicing Pagan. Del has been a Pagan social networking and community leader off and on for the last ten years.  She started one of the largest and oldest communities in San Diego county and organized the very first San Diego Pagan Pride Day before moving to the San Francisco Bay Area. After moving to the Bay Area she started a food blog with a focus on local and seasonal foods.

Rachael Watcher is a traditional Witch of 40 plus years.  She is a past and present national board member of Covenant of the Goddess currently handling the position of National Information Officer, and a current board member of North American Interfaith Network as part of her work in the Interfaith Arena.

Greg Harder is a traditional Witch of 35 plus years. He is an avid photographer with a background in radio and TV production.  His current avocation is the maintenance of two blogs, “People of the Earth” and “Covenant of the Goddess” and maintains Facebook pages for the above two organizations at both national and local levels as well as the PNC Bay Area Facebook page.




3 thoughts on “Meet the Collective

  1. [...] in the Bay Area of California. We have bios of our volunteers posted on its own page of the site here. If you would like to join our collective and write for us, email our Bureau Coordinator at bayarea [...]

  2. Noel says:

    I’m thinking my first piece would be on the occupy the farm movement. .

    “Join Starhawk and friends to support the wonderful farm being created
    on a piece of vacant land in the East Bay by the Occupy movement.”
    “Learn some of the basic ethics and principles of permaculture as we
    put them into practice at this reclaimed farm site”

    I think I could offer a unique insider perspective since I am a member of the pagan/permiculture community and also a Berkeley Grad with a Minor in Environmental Science. This “vacant” land is actually owned by UC Berkeley and is used by the College of Natural Resources for graduate projects focusing on sustainable farming. I have much support of Starhawk political stance, but would like to know if the occupy movement is holds any merit. I would like to focus on the purpose and intent of both sides, And plan do so by interviewing CNR students and professors, as well as the occupers, and members of reclaiming. This is a complicated issue where I can see valid points being made by both sides and questions when it is okay to act in civil disobedience.

    Please feel free to offer any insight or further direction I should take on my topic.

    • gregharder says:

      Hello Noel

      This is a very good subject to be covering. Has anyone else gotten back to you about posting on this site and joining Bay Area PNC? Have you spoken to Crystal? How did you connect?

      As I said it would be a great issue to cover. You could approach it as extended interviews involving some of the farm occupiers by recording their thoughts and motivations. I have heard the the University might plan to clear the site at any time. Do you know what people’s response might be to that? It might be more difficult, but it might be possible to get a statement from someone at the University about this situation. This is not absolutely necessary but it might show some balance in our coverage of the issue.

      You could stay with the permaculture aspect of the story and the need for that approach to gardening and agriculture, or you could use this example to discuss some of the issues facing people in the Occupy movement like violence and property damage as a result of some actions and some participants. You easily have enough material for many stories depending on your approach.

      If you already have something written up send it on in and we can get it up for you.
      You can contact me at (415) 850-7528 and or Rachael Watcher who is another of our writer/editors at or (415)850-7268

      Greg Harder
      PNC Bay Area

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