Product Review: The Sacred Well Introduces New Product Lines

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A couple of days before PantheaCon, I frantically messaged my friend Yeshe Rabbit Matthews — I had just read the do’s and don’ts of Con (2013 was my first) and it had not even occurred to me that candles and incense would not be allowed at the DoubleTree. Being a sensitive — and having been branded an empath on more than one occasion — I was very nervous about being around so much energy without a flame or fragrance to ground me. I asked Rabbit if she might bring me something in spray form that I could use for this purpose. Her response made me laugh, as it was both funny and apropos: “You are so psychic…How could you possibly have known that I am launching a new line of sprays at Con? I have kept it a total secret!” And so began my inside scoop on the latest product offering at The Sacred Well: Magical mists, waters, sprays and teas expanding both The Way of the Rabbit and Barry’s Magical Oil product lines.

As soon as I got to PantheaCon, I beelined for the vendor area and I found The Sacred Well in the “sea of shiny” (I am easily distracted, like a magpie, so I had to keep righting myself until I made it to the correct stall). Once there, I was welcomed by the familiar faces of Iris and Grey behind the counter, and a small crowd gathered around the new products. Tester sprays were being passed around as I heard different voices oohing and ahhing over each one: “I think I will wear this one to Pomba Gira!” “I think “Queen of Everything” will be the scent of Con!” “I am definitely going to need some Relax if I am going to sleep at all tonight.” Inching my way through the crowd, I smelled the new Way of the Rabbit Magical Mists and immediately knew my choice would be “Dragon’s Lair.” Woodsy, but spicy, with a bright citrus undertone, this spray both quieted and awakened my senses all at once. And for the remainder of PantheaCon, if I felt overwhelmed, I would retire to the room for a few minutes, close my eyes, spray the mist over my head, and quietly feel each droplet as it danced its way through the air down to my skin. In one short moment, I was ready to take-on the next crowd; the next workshop; the next ritual. “Magical Mist” indeed.

wotr-newoils-caregory-2Since PantheaCon, I have had some trying weeks at the day job. Some fairly major business changes have thrust me into chaos. But each day, I begin anew with a few quick sprays of Dragon’s Lair when I enter my office. And then when the day starts to spiral, I close my door, take a minute to ground myself and spray again.  It’s my way of shouting, “Stay out negativity! This is my time…my space. And I plan on giving it my best today, no matter what you have planned!”

The Sacred Well nearly sold out of all of their new products at PantheaCon, but have recently restocked the store. As many of these are blessed under the full moon, or other temporal or spatial magic, there is a finite number of them available until the next occurrence or trip. So I highly recommend you check the new products out sooner rather than later. Here are the basics:

Barry’s Magical Sprays retail for $12 per bottle and are available in the same scents as his popular line of oils: Love, Protection, Wealth, Healing, and Relax.


The new Way of the Rabbit Magical Mists are suitable for cleansing but have also been blended for particular intentions. The sprays are available in 1-oz ($9) and 4-oz ($20) sizes and include:

  • Comes the Dawn (For bringing forth light from personal darkness.)

  • Queen of Everything (For taking your rightful place of power in your own life.)

  • Heart’s Delight (To give yourself the gift of loving-kindness.)

  • Dragon’s Lair (Beyond this threshold there be wisdom and magic; for summoning the heart of courage.)

  • Moon Garden (Kissed by the light of the moon, cradled by the Earth; for bringing forth peaceful light.)

Way of the Rabbit also launched a line of Holy Waters, which Yeshe Rabbit says are “blended from sacred and healing wells, springs, seas, and storms all over the world. These were made on the full moon and blessed with 108 prayers. They are scent-and-flavor-free, and meant to be added to baths, used for asperging and blessings, poured as offerings or added to plants or the garden to create a meditational ally in the living world.” The Holy Waters retail for $9 per 4-oz bottle, and include:

  • Heaven and Earth: Full moon rain, Niagara Falls water, essence of Preseli (Stonehenge) bluestone, and water from the Temple of Sulis Minerva in Bath. For unlocking the Mysteries within the phrase, “As above, so below.”

  • Priest/ess: Chalice red & white well water, essence of moldavite, white moldavite, hemimorphite, cacoxenite, and water from Brighid’s Well in Kildare, Ireland. For invoking the Ancient Future Priest/ess within and joining the eternal sacred dance of the cosmos.

  • Peace & Wisdom Water: Essence of basil grown by a wise old woman, chrysocolla, snow gathered from the crook of a lightning-struck oak tree in Salem’s 1636 graveyard, and water from the well of Mary at Nazareth. For healing after conflict, dispelling negative energy, and finding your inner balance point.

  • Time to be Queen: Essence of lapis lazuli, Herkimer diamond, ritually-blessed water of Isis, and rain from a full red moon Winter Solstice eclipse. For bringing forward your benevolent, loving, gentle, but firm powers to bring order to your personal realm.

  • Mother of Darkness: Essence of a living and released black widow on Fall Equinox in a circle of standing stones, rain from October 31st, and essence of black moonstone. For exploring your truth in the loving witness of the Silent One Who Is Always Watching.

  • Singing Stars: Full moon rain, essence of star hollandite, singing quartz, and celestite. For lifting your voice with confidence, poise, and radiance in speaking, writing, and song.

  • Aphrodite Kypris: Water from the birthplace of Aphrodite and the Bath of Aphrodite in Cyprus, essence of living dove feathers, and pink mangano calcite. For embodying Love in a divine and personal way, and walking in that Love with courage and grace.

In addition to the new mists and waters, Yeshe Rabbit has also debuted a new line of teas, known as Rabbit’s Remedies which run $15 per bag (each bag yielding approximately 60 cups). I know at PantheaCon there was a run on “Too Much Festivi-Tea:”rabbits-remedies-teas-2

  • Audaci-Tea: A warming digestive for morning, or after meals.

  • Aphrodi-Tea: A pretty, pleasing late-night tonic.

  • Feminini-Tea: Nourishes the blood during and after the moon cycle.

  • Divini-Tea: Uplifting to the mind and spirit.

  • Too Much Festivi-Tea: Eases hangovers, and quells cravings (good for folks who are quitting smoking).

  • Clari-Tea: Gives ease and nourishment to weary or red eyes.

  • Sereni-Tea: Calms the mind and rests the nerves.

For more information (including ingredients) or to shop online, please visit

A very special thank you to Yeshe Rabbit Matthews for the product information and photos used in this article.

Jelen VanderYacht reporting, Pagan Newswire Collective Bay Area