Answering the Call Intensive this Weekend

November 9, 2011 in Announcements, Events by crystalblanton

Morpheus Ravenna, T Thorn Coyle and Sharon Knight will be presenting Answering the Call; Battle Goddesses in Times of Change weekend intensive this Friday, November 11th to Sunday, November 13th at Stone Circle Sanctuary. Stone City Sanctuary is located in Livermore, CA and the costs of camping, cabin or trailer accommodations are included in the sliding scale price of $130.00 – $160.00 for the intensive.

This workshop intensive will focus on working with the two Goddesses Freyja and the Morrighan on skills associated with warrior energy, courage and strength for upcoming challenges. In a recent interview with Morpheus Ravenna she described this event as, “a weekend intensive being co-led by myself, Sharon Knight, and T. Thorn Coyle, in which we will be engaging in workshop sessions, self-defense practice, and ritual focused on working with the Morrigan and Freya, both Goddesses of strength and battle. The overarching theme and purpose are preparing ourselves and our communities for challenging times. The specific discussions and rituals will delve into facing our fears, engaging the heroic heart and building our strength and resiliency, so we can be prepared to stand up and fight for what we love and value in this world.”

T Thorn Coyle references the weekend’s activities in stating, “For me, to grow in strength requires spiritual practice, of course, but also strengthening on very physical and practical means. This is why the weekend will include physical training along with ritual and meditative work, and will end with a skill and resource building workshop, to highlight what others in the community have to offer and share. “.

Two years ago Samhain these three priestesses connected around the work of the two warrior Goddesses and this led to the Battle Goddess workshops. T Thorn Coyle recently talked about her motivation for this intensive with Pagan Newswire Collective. “I’ve actually been feeling this calling from Freya for five years now, when she gave me a poem with the refrain, “The Battle Boar is ready, do not stand down!”  Things then came into focus at Samhain at Stone City two years ago, when the Morrigan came forward and made her call known to many of the people there. We decided then as a community that we could pledge to help one another grow in strength. The following year, I began teaching “Battle Goddess” self-defense with Heathen priest Robert Russell.”

At Pantheacon 2011 Morpheus Ravenna, Sharon Knight and T Thorn Coyle put on the successful Morrighan Devotional that helped to solidify this intensive. In her interview, Morpheus Ravenna stated,“this spring we all three came together for the big Morrigan devotional ritual at PantheaCon; and that ritual seemed to unleash something for a lot of people. We heard from dozens of people who had also been feeling this call independently and who were eager to engage more deeply. Directly after that ritual, I felt the Morrigan’s call intensify as She seemed to be telling us to take this work to the next stage, and we started talking about what we might do next to move the work beyond the ritual circle, into the manifest world. So this intensive is very much an outgrowth of that ritual. It’s meant as a training camp for some of those who are most stirred by the call, to help them train themselves to greater strength and mobilize their resources to help their communities become more resilient and better able to meet the challenges of our times and thrive. It’s our effort at creating a training camp for heroes – because we feel that the times we are living in now, and increasingly to come, will demand heroism from everyone.”

In interviews with Pagan Newswire Collective Bay Area, Sharon Knight and Morpheus Ravenna were asked what participants can expect to gain from the experience at this weekend’s intensive.

It is my hope that they will gain a sense of inner fortitude and strength, that in confronting some fears that they dare not speak, they find themselves better equipped to ask themselves hard questions and take action on those questions. And that they will have a sense that they aren’t doing it alone.” - Sharon KnightIt’s my hope that the intensive will help participants move their devotional practices with the Morrigan and Freya to a deeper level, and to connect these devotional relationships to practical actions that will make a difference in the world. I hope that the experiences we will be sharing will open doors for people to access their own innate courage and power, and will offer tools and ideas that they can take back to their own communities and continue expanding this work. And we hope that folks will make valuable connections with others who will be there because they too heard the call and are ready to act.” – Morpheus Ravenna

T Thorn Coyle concluded her interview with the following statement:

This event feels important for many reasons. One, people around the world are obviously sensing a need to gather together and better learn how to support each other. We see this in the rise of community gardens, in the relearning of the skills of our grandparents, in the “Occupy” movements, Arab Spring, and in the outpouring of creativity with which people have met times that feel really hard for many. These times of difficulty are also times when a lot of energy is rising, and it feels right to take some of that energy and channel it toward our personal training and effectiveness. We can become stronger, more capable, and more kind. We can rise up for what we love. 

These are times of great possibility. We are answering a call to our own greatness, a call to help ourselves, and help one another. In doing so, we come to greater success. By rising to our greatness, we rise to greater use and service to the world. I feel really pleased to be working with such strong priestesses on this project. 


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Crystal Blanton, Pagan Newswire Collective Bay Area